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The Bumble Beginnings

I started creating art at a very young age. In fact, the first piece of art I sold was a pencil portrait of Dale Earnhardt Jr. in around 2002, and I was paid with a sandwich from the local sub shop. I was approached by friends to doodle up something for them quite often. One of those doodles, a skull and crossbones, is now a permanent tattoo.

Fast forward roughly thirteen years. I'm browsing a Facebook page for one of my favorite bands, Dog Fashion Disco. There are whisperings that the album "Adultery" is going to be turned into a novel. I am overjoyed. "Adultery" is the album that got me into the band and a novelization is more appealing than a taco wrapped up inside another taco.

The city, for lack of a better term, close to my hometown in New Jersey has a fairly iconic looking dirt-cheap, pay-by-the-hour, hopefully-you-won't-get-murdered motel. The sign sticks up from the sidewalk like the street is holding the building hostage at knife point. It's perfect.

Dusk is settling in and I decide that I want a Whopper. Luckily for me there is a Burger King directly across the street from the motel. So I park, traipse across the street, snap a couple pics of the motel with its threatening sign and front lit word "Motel" that casts a looming shadow of the letter "o" so that it resembles a mouth mid-scream, and get myself a well-deserved flame-grilled burger. Seems like there's a correlation between art and food with me.

A short time later I post a hastily cobbled together mock cover for the book in the Facebook group. This was done for fun. I never intended it to be anything more than for fun. Then the author, Brian Paone, commented on the picture with some suggestions.

Months later I had made two full versions of the book cover for Brian before I even knew that this was actually a freelance project. I was having too much fun making the pieces that when talk about release dates came up in discussion did it finally click that this was a job.

Thus began my career as an artist. The Dog Fashion Disco book, titled "Moonlight City Drive" hit bookshelves with my cover adorning its face. Shortly after I was being recommended to other authors in Brian's Facebook writing group "Fiction Writing." Two more covers followed. First was a fully designed cover for author Pam Van Allen and her book about The Traveling Wilburys and then a colorizing and touching up for author Laurie Gardiner.

"Moonlight City Drive" was so well-received by the community that it has now been extended into a trilogy. The second novel, "Moonlight City Drive 2: Electric Boogaloo" is set to be released in late 2019.

I have to give a big thanks to Brian for kickstarting my freelance career. If it hadn't been for some kind of divine intervention I would probably still be doodling pictures for my own sanity instead of doing so to relieve someone else's insanity. Moreover, with his help I've also been given a leg up in writing and am also a published author now myself. My short story, "The Noises that Quiet Makes" can be found in the book "A Flash of Words," published by Scout Media.

If you've stuck with my bumbling this far then welcome to my blog. I'll be updating this space as projects come to me and giving my readers insights and inside scoops on what I'm doing.

Now I just need a cool catchphrase to close these posts out with. Rock on? No. See you on the flip-side? No. Just ... just wait for it. I'll come up with something.

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