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I just wrote a book and I want a cover. How much will that cost?

A cover design cost will depend on the difficultly of the request and how long I think it will take to complete. As a rule, cover design generally starts at around £100. If the starting fee is close to your budget, but a little high and you have a general idea of what you want then contact me and I will see if we can work around your budget. If the back cover is simply a flat color or continuation of the front there will not be an additional charge. Provide me with any text that will be on the back and I will add it as necessary. Also indicate where the ISBN will go and I will make sure there is space for it. The same goes for the spine. Generally I will make the front and back covers seperately, per the dimensions you provide, and once we have an understanding of the full spread I will create a full spread image, including the spine, for upload.

I would like something made that isn't listed in your Services. What can I do?

Send me an email with the nature of your request and we can work something out.

I want a custom illustration. How much is that?

A custom illustration operates much like a cover, but since there is most likely not going to be any typography the baseline starts at £90. Of course, the cost could change as the illustration changes. I will provide updates on the illustrations and if ideas need to be scrapped or wholly altered, additional cost for time will be applicated.

I need a logo. How much do you charge?

Logo design starts at a baseline of £75. As with everything else, a lot of time and trial/error goes into good logo design. If you want any additional artwork in tandem with your logo you will be charged accordingly for any other artwork. Upon completion and payment I will provide you with all of the necessary files: JPG, PDF, and EPS. If you are unfamiliar, EPS is an Illustrator file and is the raw data for the logo. This way if ever you need to make minor changes (like the color of the logo or if you are changing name) you can do so with ease either on your own or with me or another designer without having to redraw the logo from scratch.

You've been working hard for me, but I no longer require your services. What happens?

In the event that, perhaps our visions are not lining up or you have to postpone publishing whatever it is that you're hiring me for, I will require compensation of 60% of the remaining total Sessions time, minus your deposit. Note: If you decide you no longer require my services after only the initial Session and paying the deposit, just inform me of thus and I will cease working on the project and there will not be an additional invoice. I treat each Session as a typical work day and dedicate all my time towards the project. For example: You have hired me to design a cover for you and paid the 50% deposit of £50. We have gone back and forth for a few weeks and five additional Sessions at 10% (£10), bringing the total for your project to £150 (-£50 for the deposit for a balance of £100). Your current total balance after the deposit is £100 and you need to cancel my services. After informing me of this, you will receive an invoice for 60% of the remaining balance. In this instance, an invoice for £60. After, I will wish you luck and all the best with your project.

Is there a deposit?

Upon hiring me there will be a 50% of the initial session deposit required before I begin working on your project. For example: A £100 cover initial Session = £50 deposit A £90 illustration initial Session = £45 deposit A £75 logo design initial Session = £37 deposit The deposits are nonrefundable. At the end of our business together the deposit will be deducted from the total charge for the final product.

General Inquiry

What is the best way to get in contact with you?

You can send an email through the link provided on the home page or by starting a chat with me through the chat icon in the lower right.

What do you mean by Session?

A session is the initial request for my time to create your artwork and the resulting first draft. If after the first draft the artwork only needs minimal changes, there will be no additional charge. If the changes are more complicated and time consuming there will be an additional 10% of the initial session price added for each additional session. Since every job will vary by complexity I will provide you with an estimate for the artwork. I try to be flexible with budgets. Note: If you prove to be difficult to work with, i.e. change the logo/illustration/cover/etc. considerably too often or are rude to work with, the artwork will not be completed nor will you be refunded.

You just made me a cover. Now what?

Once the final cover is approved I will provide you with a PDF and a JPG so that you can upload the cover to your online and/or physical publisher. If you publish on KDP with Amazon I will remain on hand to make minor adjustments until the cover is confirmed to be published on the site. Note: I am not a formatter and cannot provide formating beyond tweaks for KDP, which tends to be trial and error. If you are in the market for a quality formatter I suggest:

I saw you beta read. What do you mean?

If I'm not reading anything at the moment and you need an extra pair of eyes on your novel or story I'll read it and make notes on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I'll also make notes on plot holes or things I find confusing. If I am reading something, but what you have is short and can be finished in an evening then I'll give it go. Note: I am not an editor. I may not always be correct with my suggested fixes, but will do my own research before making a comment. Do not take my edits as truth and be sure to have a professional editor give your WIP a final pass. If you are in the market for a quality editor, I suggest:

What does WIP mean?

Work in Progress.

Do you illustrate children's books?

Yes I do. I have fully illustrated one children's book, Poof & Snoofin, so far and am keen to illustrate more. Pricing for fully illustrated books follows the same format as any other illustration, plus cover fees, where each unique illustration is charged independantly and then added together for the final cost. Page spread illustrations are counted as only one drawing. I will also provide typography if necessary.

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