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I am a graphic designer and fine artist with degrees in both and have been creating art professionally for  20 years.


When I'm not creating art I also write. I've had two short stories published in "A Flash of Words" and "A Bond of Words." I also stream horror and experimental games on Twitch.

In addition to creating covers and branding, I've also fully illustrated the children's book "Poof & Snoofin" by Todd Smith.


I got my start in book cover design with the covers and inserts for the book series "Moonlight City Drive" by Brian Paone. I have since designed covers for many other authors.

I created shirt designs and merch for When We Were Hungry, a grass-roots competitor to When We Were Young. I have also made concert posters for The Bunny The Bear and single artwork for other bands including Woyote and Modern Day Escape. 

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